Friday, February 27, 2015

Frolicious Friday

Rocking my protective style.  Last night I moisturized my hair and sealed in that moisture using Black Dymond Naturals hair and body butter. Violet needs a rest and I'm looking to retain more length during this three month stint. For a custom handmade crochet wig, shown below feel free to contact me.

My Handmade Crochet Wig ~ Protective Styling

It's back to protective styling for the next three months. This beauty here is a crochet wig I made myself. Took me three days and I added some color too. I'm seriously thinking about using Shea Moisture color. I'm digging  the way I look without the gray!

More Moisture Tips

More Moisture Tips

Hey folks, hope you all are staying warm. I must admit, this winter has been a harsh one. Sub zero temps, etc. It snowed like crazy and I think we have 3-4 inches here in Maryland.

I can't recall a time in my 3 + years of being natural where i've had to struggle with maintaining moisture levels in my hair. 

This is the first year I've considered investing in a humidifier. I plan to get one tomorrow when we're out and about. If you don't have a humidifier there are other ways to infuse moisture into your home for hair, skin, and any sinus troubles you may be experiencing. 

1. Keep a pan of warm water heating on the stove (This really works. I just started this last night.) Honestly, I never thought to do this until I spoke to my Grams last night. Thinking back she always kept a pan of water on the stove. It truly helps. 

2. Run a steaming hot shower for at least 5 -  10 minutes. (I don't recommend taking an extremely hot shower, although it does feel good. But, it does dry the skin out.

3. Fill glass bowls with water. To decorate, add flowers, pebbles. The water vapors will release into the air, making it more moisturized. 

4. Get one of those indoor water fountains. They're calming when you hear the water running and it's another way of putting moisture into your dry atmosphere.

Infusing Moisture Into Your Hair

Is your hair not retaining moisture? You've applied moisturizers every day yet your tresses feel like straw and you blame your products. 


When's the last time you clarified your natural hair?  When our hair becomes dry, brittle, and unmanageable, build up is to blame. Sometimes we forget to clarify our hair because we're constantly on the go dealing with daily life. 

Dry frizzy hair is due to raised cuticles and no matter what you do or what product you use, you can't infuse the moisture into your hair.  

Raised cuticles = dry, brittle, tangles, single strand knots and the inability to clump together. 

Hair Clumping:  Nice, smooth, moisturized strands clump together when adequate moisture is present. How do you do this?

Quick Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse  - In a pickle with your hair? Add a little ACV to water (more water than ACV, a little goes a long way. This can be used after shampooing but what I did was add a moisturizing conditioner to my strands and then spritz my ACV mixture into my hair. Wrap in plastic cap and leave on for 20 min.

Rinse with cold water, as this helps to seal the hair (laying the cuticles flat.) proceed with your leave in conditioner and hair moisturizer, and don't forget to seal with hair grease or oils. 

Oils to use:  Sunflower, Tiny bit of Castor Oil, Jojoba and Rosemary. Mix together and apply very light coating to seal the moisture in your hair. 

How often do you wash your hair? For me, I'm discovering washing every 4-5 days helps my hair. When I go over 7 days or more I experience build up, and this is without the use of hair grease. 

Other Clarification Methods:

You need to see how your hair reacts to Apple Cider Vinegar. This process should only be performed every 2-4 weeks. Some people do it every week, but I'm leery of that since ACV is acidic. Overuse can lead to the break down of your cuticle. 

Herbs such as Rosemary and Thyme are good for clarifying the hair. Add distilled water and boil several minutes. Drain the herbs, let cool and rinse after shampooing. 

Or you could use a moisturizing non sulfate clarifying shampoo.  

That's it.