Thursday, November 17, 2016

Greens On The Go "It Works! Global

Woot woot!

I've received my 8+ servings of fruits and veggies from my Greens on The Go. I received my order last night and had to try it out. This morning, I had a personal training client and I got my own workout in as well.  I must say these Greens On The Go are on point.  With 38 herbs & nutrient-dense super foods, I'm not feeling tired at all.

This comes in two flavors, Orange & Berry. I just had to try the Berry out, and a family member purchased Orange via my site here. 

Now, I know we all are always on the go and water bottles are convenient, but be careful, you're only adding more toxins to your body. The plastic contains certain toxins, so just be careful. A blender bottle can be purchased here. 

I also received some other goodies like the Defining Gel, my wraps, and my stretch mark cream!

I'm in love with the packaging, green & black. And check out the floral design!  The defining gel can be used in between the wraps. Wraps are to be used every 3 days.  I'm starting mine today. The applicator wraps and defining gel can be found on my website here

I have to admit, I'm falling in love with these products. I did my research before signing up to become an It Works Distributor. The products are awesome and it looks like my massage and PT clients are extremely excited now that I'm actually selling the wraps.  With that being said, anyone is interested about joining my team, I'd love to send along more information. Just comment here or email me.

In my next post I'll write about the wraps and gel in a little more detail, need to complete my Insanity workout and gear up for my next set of appointments this evening.



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