Friday, December 2, 2016

Ranks & Bonuses in IT Works!

Hiya, on this post I'm talking about the steps and commissions you'll receive when you join IT Works! As a Distributor. Everyday I'm learning so much in this business by sitting in on calls, and listening to the team leaders.

Step #1 is Signing on to become a Distributor by purchasing your $99 kit. I've already covered that in an earlier post. Once you become Distributor, you will need 4 Loyal Clients in your first 30 days. Once you gain those LC's you'll be Commission Qualified and are eligible for a $100 cash bonus.

But You don't want to stop there....

Step #2 Is becoming a Ruby. Rubies earn $500 a month,

Step #3, Is becoming Emerald, $1,000 a month

Step #4 Is Diamond, $1900-$2100 a month, and then you hit Double Diamond, and so on, and so on.

Contact me for more details  ; )

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