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Hi there, thanks for visiting my natural hair blog! My name is Veronica and I created CurlSense hair blog to document my natural hair journey and to assist and guide other natural ladies with concerns and questions about their natural hair. What does CurlSense mean? The last couple of months of 2011 my hair was dangerously thinning at the crown and edges. All my life my hair had been thick and healthy (even with a perm.)

I do chock some of the thinning up to age because I'm 45 and for some, fine strands run in the family. The longest my hair had ever been was when I had a jheri curl in the late 80's, early 90's. I'll post pictures to show at a later date and will update this post with some pictures of my short and long relaxed hair. 

My last perm was December 2011 and after my big chop in April 2012 I managed to grow my hair to shoulder length (unstretched, Arm pit length stretched) 1 1/2 years later. After my big chop I discovered styling challenges and a myriad of emotions and felt I didn't have the right shape face to pull off a TWA or teeny weeny afro, so that's when I began wearing wigs. In August 2012 for our trip to Indy, I had Nubian twist extension installed, without a problem I might add. 

One year later I had Nubian twists installed again for our vacation and in September 2013 after enduring a seriously irritated scalp from these twist extensions, I decided to rock my own natural hair. The picture below is from September of 2013. 

Now I'm a retired product junkie, but back then I continued searching for commercial products suitable for my natural hair. Unfortunately for me, certain products would work for only a limited amount of time and I still suffered from an itchy scalp. Moisture didn't last long and obviously I was doing something wrong. Apparently, I failed to realize the importance of pH balance in my natural hair and now I've finally found the balance by creating my own natural hair products, utilizing mud washes and co-washing. For me, this is working. In May 2014 I got my hair shaped by my mother. Yes, I did sacrifice my length because I felt my hair was too thin the longer it grew. Now I'd be a liar if I said I didn't regret it, but the goal was to create volume for my hair and I have adapted. Below are some pictures that were taken in June 2014. 

My desire is to share all the emotions I've experienced in the past, (negative and positive) about my natural hair while helping you on your natural journey. 

 I am not a cosmetologist, but an Entrepreneur. I am a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Massage Therapist. I enjoy my freedom as a business owner. I may stay up late working at night, but thank God my schedule is flexible. 

My experience with natural hair

A. My mother is a licensed cosmetologist from whom I've gathered a wide range of information from regarding in hair care for natural and relaxed hair. 

B. I'm passionate about natural hair and I've spent an unlimited amount of time researching what works and what doesn't for natural hair. I've read a great deal of books, blogs, articles, and have viewed a plethora of videos pertaining to natural hair care. Yes, I'm self taught and have given advice to women on hair care groups regarding moisture maintenance. I'm currently consulting an avid reader of mine regarding her natural hair care journey. 

C. Through my own self discoveries, trials and errors and acceptance of my natural hair I've learned so much and looking forward to pass that knowledge on to you. 

I'm passionate and dedicated about sharing my experiences with others who have concerns regarding their own natural hair. I provide emotional support, tips, and concerns about maintaining and caring for natural hair while working out. Yes, I'm also a fitness enthusiast. The number one important tip is staying in shape. Do not sacrifice your physical health to preserve a hair style. I've used the Insanity program to get me from 186lbs to 165 lbs (the last time I checked). Currently I'm using weights to build muscle and boost my metabolism. 

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