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December 2, 2016

Good morning Fit N Fab Family! Just a quick post here. Well, I've been hitting the gym faithfully, several times a week since the beginning of October, 2015. I've been weight training, watching what I eat. Not a lot of processed foods, I don't eat out every day, and adding plyometrics several times a week. 

 I have sugar in my coffee every now and again. Weight training has fueled my metabolism 24/7 and it's reshaping my body! I love it, I'm adding on muscle and I'm gearing up for that 2017 6-pack! Yes, that is the plan.  Oh, and since I've been using IT Works! Greens on The Go and other supplements, I'm discovering the products curb my appetite. When you're weight training, you should eat 5-6 meals a day, and yes I was so hungry! Now I'm down to 3-4 meals a day, but I still need to eat so my body can build muscle. Yes, I'm into the bodybuilding scene. I may never step on a stage, but I want to look like I do. That's my goal. 

What's your fitness plan and goals? Have you been killing it in the gym or at home? Do you have a 90 day transformation story, or are you looking to start working towards a 90 day transformation? 


November 21, 2016

I've been weight training seriously since October, 2015. My schedule has been very busy and I've neglected my blog, so please forgive me. I plan on posting videos to this page more frequently to give you ladies & gents ideas of what I'm doing in the gym. 

* Oh, and BTW, My Insanity T-Shirt is on it's way!!!!! *  I'll definitely blog about it when it arrives. *

Seated & Standing Calf Raises

Ladies, if you want to grow your calves, you need to hit them hard from various angles! Don't be afraid to train heavy, either. Today on the seated calf raises, I only did 90lbs, only because originally today was upper body day. I superset between chest, back, and calves. My max weight is 150lbs.

What you should know is the seated calf raise targets the Soleus muscle (beneath the Gastrocnemius). The Soleus is responsible for plumping out the calf muscles, so you're doing yourself an injustice if you aren't getting seated calf raises in. 

Standing calf raises target the gastrocnemius. Today I did about 315 or more. My max weight for this machine is 400lbs. Like I said, I started training calves at the end of my upper body workout. Training calves should be 4x20 or more because the calf muscles can take a beating. If you're training them on leg day, you hit them first. You can also train caves & hamstrings on the same day, or calves, glutes, and abs. All these areas need to be focused on. 

I started Insanity June 6th of 2013 and fell in love! This was my first time tackling plyometrics and overall, my endurance has greatly improved. In the beginning it was tedious, but losing ten pounds during the first month shocked me and gave me the encouragement to continue with the program. My clothes were fitting different too and back then I saw physical changes in the mirror and the tape measure made me happy. I'll be honest, there were times when I procrastinated, but I pushed myself. Every day was a special achievement and I wanted to maintain my fitness regimen without falling back into my old habits. 

I'll be honest, my back ached and so did my obliques. You have to engage your core whether you're performing burpees, mountain climbers, planks, or just regular old push ups. This workout was definitely longer and more challenging than any other program I've tried. Not counting TaeBo because after doing Insanity, I tried going back to TaeBo and hardly broke a sweat. For anyone trying this workout, remember to stick with your form and not worry about keeping up with the folks on the screen. Stick to your own pace and eventually you'll pick up speed. 

On Day 36 I horribly dreaded starting the second month of Max Interval training and wished I could return to month one. Even though I made it through the workout without a problem, this seriously tested my endurance. Hell, and I thought month 1 was challenging! 

Fast forward to one year later, and I'm lifting weights. I decided to give Insanity a break and quit back in May. I'm down from 186lbs, and honestly don't know how much I weigh now. I'm just enjoying how I look in my clothes. I'm a 9/10 and I'm planning to return to Insanity tomorrow. I'll keep you posted, but I only plan to do a hybrid regimen of four days a week along with weights.

Til next time!

It's July 9th, 2015, about a year and a few months since Insanity. Unfortunately, this past winter I gained back ten of the twenty pounds I lost, but that's okay. I'm back to my weights, and just included Insanity in my fitness regimen again. I guess I'm just one of those hard learners. It's so easy to stop working out and using all the excuses in the world not to. This time I'm more disciplined. Trust me, there are a lot of times when I'm not motivated to work out. If I plan a workout in the morning, I've waited until the evening to do it. I go back to my old photos or online and someone usually motivates me to do so. Old habits die hard, but I'm back in the game. Just need to keep up that discipline. 

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