Black Dymond Naturals Wigs, Jewelry, & Hair Care Products

Wigs are a great way to transition from relaxed to natural or after you've big chopped. My hair grew like weeds after my big chop mainly because I kept my ends protected.  I acquired arm pit length hair in a year and four months and decided to use the same technique until Spring of 2015. Even with all the manipulation I was doing since 2013 of last year to a few months ago, my hair grew but it needed a rest.

Here's a little crochet number I did to protect my hair from the elements for the next several months.

Black Dymond Naturals hair and body butter is available, I'm just tweaking the packaging.  Check me out at . I haven't uploaded them yet, but African Black Soap is available for sale.

Jewelry is also available. I have several different pairs of earrings I'll be adding to the site soon. In the picture you'll see I'm wearing a Triquetra or a Trinity Knot. It represents the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and is used by the Celtic Christian Church.

This Celtic knot have been used in Pagan and Wiccan teachings and can represent many things, maiden, mother, and crone, mind, body, and soul, or earth, sea, and sky.  No matter the belief, it's a beautiful pendant you'll enjoy wearing.


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