Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ATTENTION! Are You In The Beauty Industry?

I'm specifically looking for YOU because anyone in the beauty industry has the perfect opportunity for having #itworks as an add on service for the clientele! Everyone coming into your salon or spa wants to LOOK and FEEL better. What better way than offering a wrap while they get their hair/nails done? Or being able to offer the BEST Hair, Skin, & Nails supplements around! 

Additional income for you.....enhanced relationship with your Clients. It's a WIN! Just makes so much sense. Allow me to explain how this can benefit you in countless ways and bring in more clients to your business.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Got My Insanity Shirt!

Happy Wednesday folks, I have my Insanity TShirt!!

I'm going to re-design it, aka turn it into a fashionable muscle TShirt. I don't like plain shirts!  If anyone wants to know, yes I am still a BeachBody Coach so if you're not afraid of hard work, feel free to hit me up and I'll add you to one of my Challenge Groups for Beach Body. We have other workouts too, Cize, Hammer & Chisel, 21 Day Extreme Fix, etc!!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Ranks & Bonuses in IT Works!

Hiya, on this post I'm talking about the steps and commissions you'll receive when you join IT Works! As a Distributor. Everyday I'm learning so much in this business by sitting in on calls, and listening to the team leaders.

Step #1 is Signing on to become a Distributor by purchasing your $99 kit. I've already covered that in an earlier post. Once you become Distributor, you will need 4 Loyal Clients in your first 30 days. Once you gain those LC's you'll be Commission Qualified and are eligible for a $100 cash bonus.

But You don't want to stop there....

Step #2 Is becoming a Ruby. Rubies earn $500 a month,

Step #3, Is becoming Emerald, $1,000 a month

Step #4 Is Diamond, $1900-$2100 a month, and then you hit Double Diamond, and so on, and so on.

Contact me for more details  ; )

Skinny Pack Challenge

Fit N Fab Fam, since today is December 2nd, I'd like to invite a few ladies & gents to join me in a Skinny Pack Challenge. 
The Skinnypack comes with a tube of Defining Gel, 1 box of Ultimate Body Applicators (4Packs), and 1 bottle of the Fat Fighters. 
2017 will be staring us in the face very soon, and as you know, once January arrives it's all down hill from there. Usually for me, time goes so darned fast. 
If you'd like to participate, inbox me here to receive Loyal Customer pricing of $112 instead of $189 or simply leave a comment below. 
Summer Bodies are made in the winter!!

Black Dymond Naturals ~ Items

Hello, there! Okay, I'm currently re-stocking my African Black Soap, Shea Butter and my own Fab mixture of hair moisturizer will be available soon. If you'd like to place an order, call 301-717-3461 and I can put a rush out on it, or just comment on this post. 

Still tweaking Black Dymond Naturals T-Shirt designs. I'm a sucker for fashionable T's and I want to make sure they're on point!  I'm working on the Bling-Style type of T!

Hair Skin & Nail Models

Good morning Fit N Fab Fam. Happy December, I can't believe 2017 is right around the corner. As usual, time has flown by but I pray with each day you have a plan to better yourselves. Whether it's physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is how I roll. I'm happy and embracing life to the fullest.

Basically, what I need from you is to be a hair model and purchase the It Works Hair Skin & Nails Pills at my cost, and send me before & after photos every month for 90 days.

If you're experiencing breakage, thinning, or just dull dry hair, the HSN have essential vitamins, minerals, and plant based nutrients. These pills enhances your natural collagen & keratin production while supporting healthy cell growth and improving your body's free radical fighting defenses.

Contact me via Google Hangouts or email.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Greens on The Go Results

Cold and flu season is here...Boost💥💪your immune system with Greens on The Go.💚 Soy and dairy free, Greens is Blended with vegetables and fruits, nutrient dense super foods, and a fab blend of potassium and magnesium. 
From my experience with this product, I have noticed a decrease in my appetite. I'm a board certified massage therapist and Certified personal trainer, booked with clients daily. I also weight train several times a week and get my plyometric workouts in twice a week, and have noticed increased energy levels. 
So yes, Greens on The Go is top notch in my book. 😘💚
Have you purchased your Greens today?   fitnesswithveronica.myitworks.com

Becoming an It Works! Distributor

I've been asked what it takes to become a Distributor for It Works! 💚 Well, the cost is only $99 + tax. In the kit, you'll receive a box of wraps which you can sell individually for $25 a piece. If you're worried about the money, don't. You can pre-sell these wraps, collect $25, and you've made your money for the kit. I'm sure you know 4 people, right? These are your four Loyal Customers that you can enroll, and be on your way to your Fast Start within the first 30 days. You'll start earning commission of $100. 

Not bad, eh? Before I received my kit I ordered a surplus of wraps and paid extra shipping costs to have them in two days and made some decent cash by wrapping friends and clients. So you definitely make your money back.💚
Are there any quotas? No, none at all. You get out what you put into this business. It's all about having fun. I turn people on to the fabulous products I've been using myself.  😘
💚How much can you earn? 💚 I earned $340 in wrap cash because I had people wanting them for quite some time! It's that simple, however; I have been networking since I worked in corporate, which assisted me with launching my massage business, then my PT business, and now this. Along the way, I've gained clients who are spa/salon owners and small business owners. Networking is key.
Interested in learning more? We are having an online wrap party in the next few days. Pm me If you want to join. 
fitnesswithveronica*myitworks*com spa/salon owners and small business owners. Networking is key. 
Interested in learning more? We are having an online wrap party in the next few days. Contact me, or leave a comment If you want to join.   Or visit My website fitnesswithveronica.myitworks.com 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Current & Future Clients

Happy Thanksgiving folks! We're having a 5 day Bogo Sale on all products! Wraps, Fat Burners, Facial Peels, Hair Skin & Nail pills, detoxes, Essential Oils, and more!!  Buy one, get the same product for free! Hurry now while the sales last!

Christmas is approaching. Interested in finding out how you can earn some cool cash? Visit my website for more information or simply email. Don't be afraid to connect!  I'll teach you how to grow your business and how to earn cash by hosting wrap parties! Wrap parties are one of many ways to earn cash and bonuses while helping yourself and others become healthy!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Sound Nutrition on The Go


Just a quick post to let you all know, if you don't have time to prep your food there are some alternatives out there. Giant grocery store has a great selection of nutritious meals in their deli section. You can't miss their little brown containers. They are prepared fresh regularly and are 170 calories & up. 

Above is one of my favorites, Encrusted Tilapia with Rice Medley and broccoli. This meal was before a heavy leg day. I alternate what I eat, naturally I need some carbs before training to fuel myself through the workout. I have starchy carbs in moderation. The meal above is annihilated before I leave the gym. Once I'm out of the gym, I usually have a post workout recovery shake. Maybe 30 minutes after, I'll have a prepared meal of sweet potato, spinach, asparagus & eggs.  I eat 5-6 times a day, every 2-3 hours.

Above is a meal from my food prep arsenal, beef, chicken & rice stir fry with carrots and pieces of scrambled egg. I had shrimp in there, but I sorta picked them all out. LOL  These containers are great for food prepping. When I have a long day of PT & massage, these go on the road with me and I just heat the food up in between clients and eat. Remember, you don't want to get hungry and wolf down fast food if you're out & about. Don't get me wrong, it's okay to eat at Chic Filet, or Taco Bell once in a blue moon, but not every day, or every week, even. Heck, I sometimes do get a craving for a Filet O Fish from McDonald's. It has been a very long time since I've had a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder. But all things I've mentioned above you can definitely make a healthier knock off in your home!

Another good thing to have in your arsenal are walnuts & almonds. These are protein packed chipmunk food that will fuel you in between meals. They are filling too.

So that's it, Hope you're having an awesome Monday!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Peppermint Bliss Holiday Set

This Peppermint Bliss Holiday set has been a lifesaver for those who enjoy shopping from the comfort of their own homes. I have had several Loyal Customers sign up, and purchase 2-3 of these gift sets.  Thank you, I appreciate it!

Now, here's some news.  I need 5 ladies to test the defining gel and the stretch mark cream for 90 days! This is a great deal because you will get 40% off on your purchases.  Contact me for more details and I'll get you started!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Greens On The Go "It Works! Global

Woot woot!

I've received my 8+ servings of fruits and veggies from my Greens on The Go. I received my order last night and had to try it out. This morning, I had a personal training client and I got my own workout in as well.  I must say these Greens On The Go are on point.  With 38 herbs & nutrient-dense super foods, I'm not feeling tired at all.

This comes in two flavors, Orange & Berry. I just had to try the Berry out, and a family member purchased Orange via my site here. 

Now, I know we all are always on the go and water bottles are convenient, but be careful, you're only adding more toxins to your body. The plastic contains certain toxins, so just be careful. A blender bottle can be purchased here. 

I also received some other goodies like the Defining Gel, my wraps, and my stretch mark cream!

I'm in love with the packaging, green & black. And check out the floral design!  The defining gel can be used in between the wraps. Wraps are to be used every 3 days.  I'm starting mine today. The applicator wraps and defining gel can be found on my website here

I have to admit, I'm falling in love with these products. I did my research before signing up to become an It Works Distributor. The products are awesome and it looks like my massage and PT clients are extremely excited now that I'm actually selling the wraps.  With that being said, anyone is interested about joining my team, I'd love to send along more information. Just comment here or email me.

In my next post I'll write about the wraps and gel in a little more detail, need to complete my Insanity workout and gear up for my next set of appointments this evening.



Monday, February 8, 2016

Why Do You Do What You Do?

People ask why do I prefer working for myself all the time, especially family members.  I believe if you have a skill/talent that you're passionate about, why not turn it into a money making tool?  I used to have a corporate job until I was laid off in 2011, but thankfully I had massage therapy to fall back on. I have hubby too, but I prefer to make my own, you know what I mean?

Massage therapy and working in the e-publishing field wasn't like work to me. It was something I enjoyed doing and is lucrative.  I'm also a Silpada representative. Yes, that's similar to Mary Kay and is fun, having friends host me in their homes while selling jewelry.  I'm also a freelance writer. Hey, Jill of all Trades, that's me.

I'm a Sagittarius and we are pretty much free spirits. I didn't mind working for other folks, but if I wasn't fairly compensated or acknowledged for my achievements, that simply brings my morale down. I'm the type of person that puts 110% of themselves into whatever it is I do. If I feel I'm doing it in vain, then I don't want to do it. I had worked as an Office Manager/Admin assistant for a long time. In 2006 I started web design/virtual assistant/cover art/ & publishing on the side. It's always important to have a good side gig in addition to your regular job. There's nothing like having your own business. I wasn't very appreciated and I began to loathe that job because when I first started as a temp I was promised the moon. Once I became full time, things swiftly went downhill. I hated getting those Sunday night jitters and having my stomach twisting in knots and I dreamed of the day I could give my notice and venture out on my own and not have to answer to anyone.

Seriously, my grandfather passed in 2008, yet my boss asked if I would be coming in later in the day. Really?!  I did feel obligated but no, I didn't go to work. I needed time to mourn, and sometimes with some companies, they really don't care what happens to you. (At least with my experience)

It's been four years and I've made a nice income on and offline.  I went to Baltimore School of Massage therapy for my certifications and I've just recently passed my personal trainer's certification and when I achieve that  I became a Beachbody coach. It's a challenge for me. I plan on taking other courses to further my education in my field. I don't mind working 7 days per week because my schedule is mine and I get to manage my time the way I want.

So, this is why I do what I do. I've suggested to many family members they should start a business for themselves because I see so much talent. I also seem them complaining so much about their jobs. If a person is so miserable, why do they not change what they do and start something on the side?

Are you happy with what you do?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fitness Journey, Beachbody Coach & Personal Trainer Certification

Good morning all you beautiful people out there! It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been very busy. For those of you in my circles, you've seen me in my Fitness & hair groups.

I passed my personal training certification program! Yay!!! I'm now a certified personal trainer and
I'm so happy. Also, in Spring I'll be taking on new massage therapy clients and I'm now a Beachbody coach. You don't have to have a personal training certification to become a coach, but for me I wanted that extra recognition.

Interested carving out that summer body now?   Check out my page here.  On my Beachbody page, you can choose a challenge pack and we can get started immediately.  For my personal training services in your area, email me here.

Now, a little about my fitness journey. Middle age spread hasn't got me down yet, no sir. And for that, I'm thankful. I turned 45 in December, October I joined a gym and started lifting weights again. I've also been doing my Insanity workouts a few times per week.  I'm no stranger to the gym and weight training. My goal is to pack on as much muscle as I possible can by incorporating squats, deadlifts, and bench pressing and other weight training workouts into my schedule. I've been trading fat for muscle and I'm loving it!

I'm putting together a challenge group and if you're struggling with motivation to lose weight, or build muscle, contact me.  I know the struggle is real, especially after losing the weight. I've been on a fitness/diet roller coaster all my life until last year. There is a balance to everything and once you find it, you won't believe how easy it is.