Thursday, April 30, 2015

Black Dymond Naturals Moisturizer

Is in the testing phase.  You know I've made a mango butter sealant for natural hair and now I've found something that will keep natural hair moisturized. I wanted to create something creamy that doesn't require refrigeration.  Please know curlies, Vitamin E is not a preservative. Some of the ingredients in the mix below is coconut milk, Vitamin E, honey, and Optiphen I used this mix beneath my leave in conditioner and Violet is still full of moisture and has held definition in the heat we had today. I'm curious to see how it will hold up in 90 degree weather.

Fitness Journey Progress

Well, this time last week I was in quite a predicament. I went shopping for some jeans and realized how much weight I've gained. I don't use scales, I tossed those out a long time ago. WEll, with the exception of tracking my progress while doing Insanity. But for now, I'm going by how my clothes fits.  

I purchased these sized 10 jeans from Burlington last Monday. Now, normally 10's fit me loose when I'm actually behaving myself. I tried them on in the dressing room and had to tug them over my hips. Hell, I couldn't even button the dang things but this helped to motivate me. Lots of clean eating, exercise, and perseverance. My goal are 8's, my normal size that are supposed to be fitting me the way these 10's are. Lmao!!

Feels like I've been here before. Oh wait... I have!  Once I get back down to where I want to be, I'll need to practice on how long I can maintain.

Twist N Curl After Wash Day

Hiya curlies. Yesterday was wash day for me. I washed my hair using Soft Sheen Carson's Optimum Oil Therapy Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner. Now, it's been a few years since I've used these products.  I needed a shampoo that would safely lift the oils and butters I use in my hair. Usually I co-wash using As I am or Jane Carter's Creamy Co-Wash conditioner.

I purchased them yesterday from Shopper's Food Warehouse. Can't believed I overlooked them all this time. They can be purchased via the website or Walmart, but I'm telling you, this line seems to be rare. The Micro-Oil Technology helps to infuse the hair with moisture. I love that it has Coconut Olive, Avocado and Jojoba oils. I didn't suffer from tangling or breakage, either. You see, since my hair is fine, I have to wash in large twists. It's just easier that way. 

* Update *  I no longer use this line as of August 2015. I don't use shampoo at all, simply Henna and Moroccan red clay. 

I left the conditioner on my hair for 20 minutes or so and then rinsed. There is no need to condition over night, etc because your hair can only absorb so much. I like to keep my wash day as simple as possible. Detangling was a snap, and yes I do use a comb a few times a week. 

After rinsing out the conditioner, I let my hair dry completely before applying leave in conditioner mixed with Olive, Sunflower, and Castor oils. Then I applied my creamy moisturizer before twisting the hair and using small perm rods on the ends and below are the results. 

I'm loving the versatility of my natural hair.  This week I'm enjoying curlier hair. Some of my neighbors swear I've had a haircut.  * grins *  Yeah, one minute I'm rocking my length by stretching the hair with perm rods, and If I want a shorter style, I simply add water or use small perm rods. I opted for twisting in smaller sections for more definition and a tighter curl. For a more stretched look I create chunkier twists and larger perm rods...but that is another post.  ; )

I love my natural hair!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Temptation and Eating Clean

Right now I'm torn between eating clean and popping a few fruit snacks. Problem is, I've started eating clean. I mean, I'm eating Shirataki Noodles because they have no calories. I sometimes mix oat bran in my protein shakes.

Now for those of you who know me, you know I love my fruit snacks.

 It can be the Scooby Doo Snacks, Dora The Explora, Fineas & Ferb, etc. Fruit snacks are my Kryptonite, my downfall. Why? Because of the sugar they contain! I've eaten a pack of day sometimes and there have been other instances where I'll eat 3 or 4 bags. Yes, anything Gummy. Gummy Lifesavers, Gummi Bears. Hell, Starburst had the nerve to put out those gummy gusher chews.

But you see. I've been down this road before. When I set my mind to it I can turn down temptation. My goal this time is to create muscle. I've been doing Insanity and the Butt Bible, but I need to join a gym. I've been twice this week so far on a 7 day guest pass but I'm not really enjoying the atmosphere of this particular setting. Okay, going off base here.

 When I do Butt Bible I use the heavier weights, like 15 pounds for my squats, lunges, and even the upper body workout. However, I've noticed my left arm is weaker than my right. I need to do Preacher Curls, Military Press, and the Leg Press. Those were awesome, haven't used those machines in years.

Now, I know what some ladies may be thinking right now. Weights will make you hulk up. Nope, that's a myth. Our bodies aren't designed to bulk up like that, unless you're taking steroids or if you continue to eat foods that are unhealthy while you're pumping iron. Then you'll be a toned bull dozer. I've always had some definition going on, but I would like to be a little more cut. So, I'm eating clean.

Tonight's dinner consisted of black beans, Quinoa, chicken breast and half a sweet potato. I'm full, mind you; but dude I really could go for some fruit snacks! LOL

Okay, my rant is over. Here's a few pics of the style I sported while working out.

 And this one is half an hour ago when my teenager ate fruit snacks in front of me. Ah, temptation. But I can hang! Not giving up because I've got my eyes on the prize!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Butt Bible Update

Hey there luvs. I'm on my fourth week of my butt bible. Last week I only did level 1 three times so this week I'm mixing it up with a combo of level 1 & 2 to make up for last week.

This is longer (33 minutes) and a little more intense. Yes, my quads are sore and I'll be honest. I'm struggling. This is one year where I'm really not into working out but I have to do it. If not, It'll be months before I work out again and I'm trying my best to break that cycle. I wanted to do Insanity again but I'm just not there. I'm not in my beast mode. LOL  Last year and the year before I was a total maniac. Oh well.

My diet has been the same, cutting out sugars from time to time in my coffee and sweets. I eat in moderation and eat foods to stimulate my metabolism. I gave up cakes, cookies, and pies for Lent, but still had some ice cream here and there. The foods I currently eat are below:



Sweet Potatoes

Brown Rice




Hard Boiled Eggs


Peanut Butter

Baked Chicken, every now and then I'll eat fried chicken

Cous Cous


High Fiber Cereals like Kashi, Multigrain Cheerios

Whey Protein shakes ~ I tend to want to snack late at night, but a protein shake helps my cravings.

I do  this workout because it does reshape the muscles. I've exercised throughout my life off and on and having a toned defined body definitely has it's perks. I've had definition but would like to see my muscles ripped, cut. I've had a four pack abs, but never a six pack.  LOL  Hey, it's never too late. Always keep that in mind. It's one of my future goals.

Now I'm seeing some progress in my muscles and I know I'll see a LOT more progress if I cut the carbs completely like I did last year. Well, I tried that the first few days and I swear I got a serious case of  the grumpys. My body protested. It didn't do  that last year! LOL

So I eat carbs but keep them to a minimum.  I'm 44 and I refuse to say that because I'm getting older, my body can't handle workouts. Bullshit. I'm lazy and I know it. Sorry, but Pauline is wrong that this workout isn't for lazy people. LOL  I push myself continuously because I refuse to let laziness make me unshapely.  I have to kick myself in the rear from time to time or I know I'll regret it. If any of you are struggling with exercise, don't cut it out completely, try to do something each day whether it's 10 or 20 minutes. Trust me, you'll benefit from it in the long run.


Hiya.  It's been a week since I've used Henna and I'm loving the effects.  I've known about Henna forever, but I've always been reluctant to try it. Why? Well, just because it's natural doesn't mean it's necessarily good for you. It's plant based and there's always a possibility of allergic reactions occurring, which is why you should do a strand test, and test your wrist and the inner arm area.

Last Wednesday, this is what I looked like while I waited for the Henna to dye my grey strands. Yes, my grey. Lordy, I was sick and tired of looking at those strands...seriously.

The process is messy, and I stained my hands. I hate wearing gloves...never wore them when I used the creamy crack. But the stain goes away after several days. Now when you use Henna, be sure to add an oil (I used Olive Oil) when you mix it up. Some folks use coconut milk. I'm going to try that next time. This keeps the Henna from drying out your hair.

I used the Reshma Henna from Sally's.   Now, I used the natural highlights because Henna is the only ingredient. You'll see they offer different colors, but those have other ingredients and they aren't listed on the website. Be sure to read the box!  I had bad experiences with commercial dyes in the past and I wasn't gambling this time.

Anyway, I only used half a jar and I froze the rest since I don't plan to use it anymore until my grey roots make their appearance. When I mixed Henna and hot water together, I could immediately see a change from a spinach green to a rusty red color. I liked the scent, it was kind of earthy, grassy, with a hint of spinach and at first it did look like green mud.

Benefits of Henna

Loosens curl pattern ~  Some people may not like that, but my coils were very tight in my crown area and for the longest time I thought I was suffering from thinning hair.

Strengthens hair by filling in gaps and stops breakage, moisture retention. ~ My hair feels thicker and fuller than usual.  My hair also retains more moisture. A simple leave in, oil, and my hair butter are all I need and my hair is softer than it's been, even during the end of the day.

Dyes grey hair ~ If you want to take a break from the grey, Henna is perfect but please note, that it will not dye the rest of your hair. It lightens blonde and grey, but if you have black hair, it will not turn it red or coppery. This is what natural Henna does. Now the other colors will do that but they aren't all natural.

Scalp ~ Henna is great if you suffer from dandruff or an itchy scalp. I suggested this to my aunt who has had dandruff off and on her entire life, but she's not up for trying it. Now, you don't necessarily have to dye your hair. Indigo can be used with Henna to stop the color change. Oh and be sure to deep condition after your Henna treatment. My hair wasn't hard when I rinsed out the Henna because I used a lot of Olive Oil, but deep conditioning is a plus.

I really wanted to show my Henna mixture, but I had already put the stuff in my hair and it's a messy application.  I let it set for a few hours, but I was occupied with some business. Perhaps next time I'll have my daughter or hubby film me throughout the process.

So far I'm loving the Henna experience. Some people Henna once a week, some every 2 to 4 weeks, and some maybe once a month. I'm thinking once a month or whenever the grey roots decide to show themselves again. These rich coppery tones are similar to the wig I made a few months back.