Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three Years Natural!

GM All! I'm happy to say that today is my three year anniversary of being natural! I've been wearing wigs for the past few months and here are the results of my wash and go. I'm also in need of a protein treatment, I'll be doing that this weekend. 

Now I must say my hair has endured A LOT of mechanical manipulation since September 2013 in my efforts to stop shrinkage. Unfortunately, I've discovered that parting my hair for twists and braid outs resulted in some thinning at the roots. I notice my hair doesn't have as much volume as it did this time last year and that's VERY disappointing to me. So, the goal is, no more braiding or twisting the hair. I'll use my homemade gel and flexi rods/perm rods to give Violet some body. 

Later on I'll compile some pictures from my cell phones and upload them to youtube for the year 2013 to highlight my natural hair journey. Til next time folks!!


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