Thursday, September 26, 2013

Low Manipulation

I've taken the plunge and wore twists pinned up today. Honestly, I'm over styling my hair every day. I work out six days a week at night and in the evening, I must twist my hair to make it look like something in the morning. This is where I wish my hair were longer because I long to pull it back into a nice fat bun. I've achieved great length since 2011 but need to put forth the effort to gain more length. That's the name of the game, having healthy, moisturized hair while adding some length.

Quite often I wonder if I've become obsessive with my man and achieving length more length. When I stretch it out, it is arm pit length.  I recall only achieving this length once when I was relaxed. I colored my hair and it broke off above the shoulders. 

Did I mention I used to have a jheri curl back in the 80's in junior high?? Um, yeah. I'll scan and post some pics at a later date. The moisture made my hair grow so much. Mom cut out the relaxer and I had very, very short hair, but when it grew, it was so thick and luxurious! 

Monday I considered getting locs in my hair because I thought it was unmanageable after twisting and putting flexi rods in the evening before. I think for me, a simple low manipulation regimen is best because I totally refuse to give up on my Insanity workouts just for the sake of hair.

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