Sunday, October 20, 2013

To Manipulate or Not

To manipulate, that is the question.  

On this natural hair journey of mine I'm discovering so many new things. For example, last week I maintained up-dos the entire week with the exception of taking my hair down and putting it in a ponytail during workouts. I don't like getting my ends wet during my workouts. In the evening I did the pineapple thingy with my hair. Violet doesn't like it when I leave her alone. LOL   Because I didn't twist my hair in the evenings I experienced mild shedding and didn't retain a whole lot of moisture. I did apply the LOC method to my hair and still experienced the shedding. 

So I learned my lesson. For me, it's impossible for me to not re-twist my hair in the evenings and I didn't like the condition of my hair last week. It looked great in an up do, but I just noticed the difference in the texture and how my ends reacted.  

Last night I re-twisted my hair and today it's retained moisture, bouncy, and full. I need to take my hair down at least a few days out of the week, but when the strong winds kick up I'll be doing a whole lot of bunning and an occasional updo. 

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