Thursday, July 10, 2014

Black Dymond Naturals

I've been without wigs and extensions since September of last year. I've finally managed to embrace my natural hair texture and since then have rocked styles such as braid outs, twist outs, braid and curls, twist & curls, curly fros, frohawks, etc.

During my natural hair care journey I've even experimented with some Shea butter last December. Needless to say my hair didn't care for the Shea butter for some reason. Fast forward to January 2014 and I replaced Shea butter with mango butter for my leave in conditioner. I've even tried a few DIY mixes from the internet but after a while my hair didn't fell like it did at first. Isn't it funny when you first use a product how you love the way your hair reacts, bur after a few weeks to a month, your hair becomes dry to a certain extent or doesn't hold that style you spent time creating the previous night? I've grown so tired of experimenting with different products. Some I've recently purchased and have yet to use them. Perhaps I will in the future, who knows. But for now they sit beneath my bathroom sink.

I've finally tweaked a concoction I created back in March by mixing a few essential and carrier oils that has done the trick for my hair. I stopped mixing my own stuff because I ran out of ingredients and didn't make another trip to the vitamin Shoppe. And yes, since I'm an ex-product junkie I fell back on some old products beneath my sink. There have been some family members and some folks I've met on the internet who wanted to try my mixes because I was quite impressed with the way it made my hair feel, and the moisture does last me for days. I've even managed to step away from stylers on a daily basis when the one I made ran out. So far this week I've only used styler once and my hair is still nice and curly. 

I'll be making another batch next week for some folks I know in the Maryland area and I've decided to name my business Black Dymond Naturals. My website is currently under construction and so is my shop. I only make the products when I have several orders to place.  In addition to my leave in, I also make a moisturizing curl definer and a styling gel. Working with flax seeds has been challenging, but the end results are lovely. Only thing is, I need to make small batches when creating the definer for myself.

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