Thursday, July 17, 2014

Controlling Oily Skin

Most of us suffer from dry skin while others suffer from oily skin. During my teen years, my skin was horribly oily right along the T-zone. (The forehead and straight down the nose). You're probably thinking how the heck can I have dry scalp and oily skin? Well, I didn't have scalp problems back then. Today my skin is only slightly oily, (thank God!)

In the 80's, my mom took me to a dermatologist who recommended a prescription drug for me. I don't remember what the name of the medicine was, it started with an "R" as for as I can remember. And then there was Accutane. Neutrogena worked for a while and then there was Clearskin from Avon. In spite of the medicines used I still had horrible black spots on my face.

Today my skin is healthy and glowing and I rarely break out from pimples even though I use carrier and essential oils in my hair regimen. I take Hair Skin and Nails supplement along with a multivitamin. I also use oils in my hair for hot oil treatment and I use light combination of Castor and Jojoba oils in my scalp sparingly. Hey, it's what keeps my scalp nourished and I usually seal with a butter. 

For those of you suffering from oily skin because you think oils may be the culprit, I recommend Aveeno Cleansing Pads. They work wonders on my fourteen-year-old daughter's skin and I just had to try them out when I'm not using Mary Kay. Also, be sure to change your pillow cases regularly, as the oils in your hair may seep through your cap and into the case, this contributes to break outs. 
Another wonderful product is Equate, which to me is an alternative to Proactive.  I've had great experiences with both products and I'm sure you will too. You just have to find what works for you. Products can be purchased at Walgreens, CVS, online stores, Walgreens, Target, and other places where cosmetics and hair care products are sold. 

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