Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Is Here and Vi Just Loves The Humidity!

Today it rained and then the sun came out, and it was humid. Earlier this morning I took my hair down from a braid and curl and Vi shrank in a matter of hours.

But that's okay. You know, I'm totally loving my fro. Today is wash day and I'm thinking about doing a wash n go. Now, Vi shrinks up much smaller than this, but I don't want her shrinking to a TWA. I get horrible tangles if I do that. But this right here is looking awesome.
She's healthy, moisturized, and growing. I love how I can enjoy my length with twist outs and braid outs, or even ponytails. I've been bunning off and on for the past two weeks to give her a break.

 Anyway, I love my natural hair. I wish I went natural years ago when I used to write for The Coil Review. Yardley Messereaux suggested it and I guess I wasn't quite ready. I'll never go back, and that's a fact. I've kicked the creamy crack!  Ha, ha, haaa!  I'm a poet and don't even know it.   ; )

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