Monday, March 23, 2015

Veggies, Chicken, Cous Cous & Working Out

Spring is here and it's time for me to make some adjustments to my diet again. I'm a little ashamed to say that my workout regimen has been non-existent for the past few months. I'm not the beast-mode Insanity maniac I once was. But that's okay, I'm going to slowly but surely work my way back into the program.

Last May I started the Butt Bible and did it faithfully for several months. Now, I must say this workout is awesome. I definitely saw results, especially when I lowered my sugar intake and eliminated pastas, breads, and white potatoes from my diet. I did it with weights and it's a great way to tone up whether you're looking to tone up or even as a maintenance plan. My body took on another shape when I did this.  It's fun and easy and lasts only 10 minutes or so.

 The upper level is 21 minutes. I used 25lb weights for my legs, it presents you with more of a challenge. Anytime you do squats and lunges with weight, you'll see great results. Don't worry, you won't hulk up. Heavier weights and less reps, you'll build muscle, but the light the weight, the more reps you'll have to do, but you're just exhausting yourself and won't see any major definition. 

Below is what I've been nibbling on for the past hour or so. Chicken CousCous, chicken chunks, and stir fry veggies I picked up from Costco's. I'm also drinking unsweetened Green tea. I'm trying to ween myself off all those carbs I've been eating and honestly I'm a little grumpy today, but it's worth it, especially when I think back to last year. (Why the heck did I get so lazy!!!) 

I'm giving myself a week (next Monday) to whittle off some of my waist area. Working out with my Butt Bible (I started lower level 1 today)  Tonight I'm going to do the upper level 1 four times this week while slipping a couple of Insanity workouts in to melt away some poundage I accumulated this winter. * sigh *  I'm a creature of habit and I got lazy this year. Last year I was more active. But, hey I'm not out of the race. It's never too late.

Until next time.

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