Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bobby Pins and Breakage

Dude, I've been having serious eye opening experiences when it comes to my natural hair. I've been using bobby pins for almost everything ever since I stopped wearing my wigs back in 2013 and started rocking my natural crown. My favorite style is the frohawk and every now and again I'll use bobby pins to do roll and tuck updos.

Well, a few months ago I noticed thinning around my crown and wondered what the hell was going on? I figured it may have been from braiding or twisting in the same places. Honestly, it does contribute, but today when I was pinning my hair up in my favorite style, I really know that the freaking bobby pins are to blame!

I can't believe I didn't see this before, I've always been careful not to pin snugly at the scalp, but I guess daily usage does do a number. Now I need to figure out alternative styles to my frohawk, or pinning the hair at the sides.

Also, as you can tell I'm guilty of wearing bobby pins until the coating comes off. I go through a pack like it's nothing. So here's a little lesson for you. Toss the old pins out, don't be like me and ruin your hair. Now, I'd suspect even with the full coating, I probably would have suffered the breakage because of the frequent use. Now to find another go to style.

I love the puffs too, but don't want to run the risk of thinning out my nape because of those cute stretchable headbands. Which is my next complaint. What the heck happened to those extra large stretchable headbands you could double wrap around your puff? I only see the small ones where you just pull your hair into a puff and that's it.

Remember curlies, beware of those horrible styling habits that can wreak havoc on your tresses. Oh and by the way, I plan to get a press and curl hopefully tomorrow or Friday. I know, the breakage. I'm taking a chance. The top of my hair grows like weeds, so worse case scenario, I'lll get my hair cut shorter on top.

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