Monday, January 19, 2015

Maintaining My Wash and Go

Happy Martin Luther King Day!  We're just hanging around the house, relaxing on this gloomy, yet beautiful day. Today was supposed to be a wash day for me, but I'd like to sport my wash and go a little longer. I'm quite pleased that my hair is maintaining it's moisture level. Below are a few pics of how I rocked my hair Saturday.

* UPDATE 05/05/15

I need to say, I'm loving my hair!! In these photos, I basically stretched the hair the night before by using large chunky twists. I honestly don't feel like standing up and twisting or braiding in small pieces anymore. I'd like to eliminate that process all together. The pictures below are from Sunday evening. I had an afro puff earlier in the day because it was raining cats and dogs out, but I had to take my hair down and play with her for a bit. And you know what? I'm really learning to finally embrace my shrinkage. You see, I'd always pin Violet up with bobby pins, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago I learned I was really causing breakage by trying to "tame her."

Right now I'm sitting here with a plastic cap on my head. I just moisturized with some hair milk and mini pineappled with some ouchless scrunchies. I have those beautiful little clumped ringlets that you get from a wash and go. All I needed was to replenish the moisture.

Last Wednesday was wash day for me. I used Curls Unleashed sulfate free shampoo and ORS Replenishing Pak as a deep conditioning treatment.  I added some warm Neem, Tea Tree and Rosemary oil into my conditioner, combed through until every strand was saturated and sat beneath the dryer in my plastic cap for 25 minutes.  (Instead of using heat for deep conditioning I now steam my hair) This is a very important step in the moisturizing process.

After rinsing conditioner and oils out, I proceeded with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and my curls popped. Yes, I'm still using hair grease to seal moisture into my hair.  (*Update - I'm currently not using hair grease to seal my hair * )

Honestly, I'm having beautiful results. I no longer have single strand knots and my hair is retaining moisture so much better. Anyway, I proceeded with Shea Moisture curl milk (my leave in conditioner)  on sopping wet hair, sealed that in with a bit of Castor Oil, applied Black Dymond moisturizing cream (product coming in Spring 2015)  and then used some home made flax seed gel on top of that, then I finally sealed with Royal Crown hair grease. I like applying my styler and grease last.  This is basically using the LOC method on my hair with the gel last.  I wanted to ensure my hair would be 100% moisturized with the castor oil and grease. With the method above, I only need to re-moisturize every 2 - 3 days and my wash day time is cut down. I just got so tired of doing twist and braid outs every night. Plus, so much twisting and braiding on a nightly basis isn't good for the hair. Way too much manipulation.

I let my hair dry 80% then I twisted into semi large chunky twists to elongate and added some perm rods on the ends. If i don't stretch my hair with wash and go's, I'll have a TWA, and that's not the look I'm going for. I like showing my length off. Next time I try this method, I'll post some pics of the process.

So many people believe us 4c natural chicks can't do wash and go's. Yeah we can. It all depends on the strategy we use to achieve that look. Another process I like to use is sectioning the hair, spritzing it with water and adding some gel to it. Gently twist the hair and the next day, Voila. You'll have a stretched wash and go. So far, I'm not experiencing any knotting, either.

* Wash and Go's need to be infused with moisture on a daily basis in order to prevent tangling and knots. *  

Check out my newest post for a DIY conditioning treatment that's sure to moisturize your thirsty strands!

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