Monday, May 18, 2015

Finally Mastered My Wash & Go

Okay, so I wrote a post about my modified wash and go a few days ago. You can see this post here.  Now there are two more times I've tried a wash and go. (not counting my faux wash and go's). Once was about two years ago when I was pressed for time. I had just finished washing my hair and had lost time. Back then my wash routine was about 4 hours. So I had to hurry, apply my leave in conditioner, moisturizer and some gel. I did a high puff and was out the door. Now that's a wash and go! LOL

Last summer for date night with hubby I did a wash and go but it came out crunchy, and I didn't stretch it so there was some shrinkage. But you see, this was a few months after I had my mom cut my hair to about chin length.

Well, over the weekend I did a twist and curl. Saturday night I took my hair down and it was fluffy and curly. Due to the humidity (it rained before we left the house) my hair swelled but it was nice & fluffy. Halfway through dinner it shrank a bit but it was so full and still fluffy. The texture was off the chain!  I absolutely loved it. By the time we came home, it was still nice and so full of moisture and I slept on it. LOL  The next morning I didn't suffer from tangles because my hair was full of moisture. I used ouchless bands to stretch the hair and twisted before leaving the house around 2 p.m.

Well, as you know, it was very humid yesterday and Vi shrank. LOL  So, I'm telling ya, I'm too through with twist outs (for now).  I'm sure if I used some grease or some type of anti humidity product I could rock my twists outs, but I feel the need to experiment more with wash and go's for the next week or so.

Last night I tested another wash and go on my damp hair.  Applying products to sopping wet hair isn't for me. I did the usual method of sectioning the hair. I applied my leave in, then my oil mix. After that I apply moisturizer and then saved my Eco-Styler gel for last. I piled my hair on top of my head and secured it with a few large scrunchies. Also, this made for a great workout hairdo. This is the way I slept.

The next morning I took my hair down, unsure of how it would turn out. You know what...

I'm digging this look. I absolute had no problems with the take down this morning. I spread some oil mixture on my fingers and arranged my hair the way I wanted it, that's it. I didn't mist the hair with water because my hair will shrink to my ears.

I love more volume with my Wash and go's. I had some shrinkage, but not a lot. My hair brushes against my shoulders a little. Today was supposed to be wash day, but I'm going to experiment with maintaining this wash and go tonight. Instead of pineappling, I'm going to mini pineapple in sections to see how much volume I can obtain on the top and sides of the hair.

It's 1 p.m., I've been out in the humidity today but I still have my length and volume and movement. Now for those of you who think us 4c curlies can't do wash and go's, I urge you to take the time and experiment a little. Perhaps it's the products you're using, or maybe you think a leave in and gel is key. I made that mistake last year and I did experience some tangling and SSK's.

Although I slept on my hair Saturday night(morn) I didn't have any tangles or SSK's.  Even now I don't have those worries. My hair remains soft (no gel cast) and I'm really glad I didn't give up on the wash and go.

When I wash my hair tomorrow night, I'm going to put it all up on my head while the hair is kind of damp and rock a cute curly puff top knot for Wednesday.


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