Monday, May 11, 2015

Great Hair Days

Hey curlies! Happy Belated Mother's Day to you. I'm showcasing a few pics from the past couple of days.

You know it's been humid, and I'm happy to say I've finally stopped fighting shrinkage. There was a time when I twisted my hair two or three times a day in order to maintain that length.

 The pictures above are from Saturday. I co-washed my hair Thursday night.
I was digging the results on Friday, Note the nice definition. By the time hubby and I got home it was 1 a.m., the hair shrank a little, but not too much.

Sunday, Mother's Day was a very busy day. I managed to get myself roped into dancing in front of the church. * sigh * I could have used a little more rehearsal time, but that's okay. Mothers and daughters danced together, it will be a most memorable moment.

This pic is Sunday evening after a nap. * Yawn * Yes, I definitely needed a nap after all the commotion. We went to my Gram's house and ate.

And the picture above is from today. Not bad for only twisting in large chunky twists over the weekend. My moisture retention is on point because I experienced no tangling or knotting when Vi shrank.

Soooo, if you notice in the pic, my hair was a little fuzzier so I decided to wash it tonight. Vi seems to prefer being washed every 4-5 days. You've got to remember that when sealing moisture into the hair with oils and butters, you may not be able to go a week or two in between washes. I've done it before but my hair gets so dull and becomes a bit hard. Putting layers of moisturizers/gels over already sealed hair can be a recipe for disaster.

Til next time....oh, and if you haven't already, check out my homemade deep conditioner post over at Curly Nikki's.   Feel free to comment.

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