Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Modified Wash & Go

Let's face it, the humidity has increased and it's going to get worse. Last year I remember fighting my shrinkage tooth and nail by twisting small every night. Sometimes I gave my hair a break, but it would only be once out of the week.

I co-washed last night and deep conditioned with coconut milk, honey, and olive oil. This is how my hair looked earlier today.  So, by the time I picked "The Teen" up from the bus stop, went to the grocery store and made a stop at the postal office, came home and unloaded the groceries, Vi was shrunken. I had no more hang time. She was still moist, but since last night was wash night, I needed to supply her with more.

So, I figured maybe dampen the hair, add some of my moisturizer then my gel. I was playing around with just leaving it alone at first.  Just look at that. Nice and fluffy. Now see I don't mind the pic below. I wish my wash and go's would just stay like this. I swear for cheese n crackers I think I need to grow hair to my a@@ to keep it looking like the pic below.

Now here's a pic of me with hair that is fully dry.  Um, No Bueno!  Maybe I'm just not used to totally shrunken hair. I do prefer my length. I've embraced shrinkage very well, but there's only so much shrinkage I can take.  I've never liked the way I look with short hair. Heck, I'm having flashbacks from the 80's when mom cut the relaxer out of my hair so I could get that Jheri Curl I so desperately wanted. My hair was short back then and I felt it necessary to wear earrings bigger than my head just to let people know I was a girl.  *smdh*  I've got to find some of those old pics, scan them and post them for you guys. 

Anyway, I've used the diffuser and concentration nozzle in the past for my wash and go's but they don't help any. I like nice, fluffy WnG's. I mean, pinned up on the sides I can do, but I've got to have the fullness. 

Anyhoo, I proceeded to part my hair in 6 sections, loosely twisted and added small perm rods.  
I know, I know. This isn't a true WnG, but it is my modified version of one. It's a shame because I love the look of a wash and go but I need lots of stretching. LOL  Check out my bangs. I love how they look here. Since I have several different textures, I don't get this look all over my head. But, that's okay!  I'll post some pics of the outcome tomorrow morning.  So for now, Adios peeps!

Okay, here is how my hair turned out this morning! Yay!!!

Now I'm digging this look so much better. So there you have it, my modified version of the WnG!

* Update * 

I've mastered my Wash & Go.  

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