Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Recovering Edges

I'm amazed at how well my edges are filling in. Sure it's taken some time but it's totally worth the wait. I know when I had my perm, I resembled Count Chocula with those two little peaks along the headline.   But not now.

Good Lord, I know I'm looking a little rufff, but it's wind down time for me. ; P    I'm just ecstatic over the growth I'm experiencing here so I wanted to do a quick post.  If you're familiar with my blog, you know I don't utilize every oil under the sun. Starting out, I was thinking about it but you know, that's just too much time involved. Bad enough I'm a recovering PJ. LOL

Oils I'm currently using to seal moisture into my hair are Sunflower, Castor, and Olive.  Yesterday was supposed to be wash day for me, but I've been so busy. I had a bit of an itchy scalp so I combined Olive, tea tree, and Neem oil and massaged my scalp and that did the trick. Tomorrow morning after taking Little Chica to the bus stop I'm washing my hair. But right now, I'm just too pooped to pop.  

Til Next time

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